General information for users

General information for users (Information on SPring-8 experiment)


To provide related information to users and to assist users in using user services offered by NSRRC.
  • Beamtime Application : Provide proposal application related information to principal investigators (P.I.) in order to assist them in applying for beamtime.
  • Pre-experiment : Provide user card application, subvention application, and guesthouse reservation information to experiment members.
  • During experiment : Provide information on experiment and other related support offered during experiment peiord.
  • Post-experiment : Analyze experiment related information and submit abstracts for Activity Report / Users' Meeting Booklet or submit publications to journals.
  • Beamtime Application

    Proposal Application | Beamtime Fee | Application Deadline and Beamtime Type | Proposal Review | Proposal Review Result | Beamtime Schedule | New User Application

    Proposal Application:
    Applicants of domestic or overseas institutions must have qualified for one of the following:

    •  Assistant professor, assistant researcher or above.

    •  Full-time teaching or research fellow with PhD degree, who has engaged in related fields for more than one year and has published research results in academic journals.

    •  Four years of instructor experience and having research publications in academic journal or patent technical report.

    •  Medicine related person who has been a doctor in charge at a teaching hospital for more than 2 years or who has done research work for more than 4 years holding a master degree, and has published research results in domestic and overseas academic journal.


    After logged in at User Portal Website, new principal investigators please click <Proposal> <Add new project> to start proposal application process; principal investigators who have submitted proposal application before please click <Proposal> <Apply> to start proposal application process.

    New principal investigator:

    Principal investigator who has submitted proposal application before:

    After the above process has been completed, please follow the instruction shown on the screen to complete the proposal application process (please refer to the screen displays below).

    New proposal application:

    Step 1: Please provide basic project data

    Step 2: Please provide beamline requirement

    Step 3: Please provide the participants of the experiment

    If you cannot find the user or if there are users with the same name, please use the <Query> function to search for the user's information and then add the user to the member list (The screen display after clicking the <Query> button is shown below).

    Step 4: Please provide the materials to be used

    Step 5: Please provide the equipment to be used

    Step 6: If any support is needed, please provide the request here

    Step 7: Please provide the project proposal

    Step 8: Please complete this step to finish the proposal application

    If any information is missing, the following screen will display, please provide the required information to complete the proposal application process.

    After the proposal application has been submitted, the following screen will display and you should also receive a confirmation notification via e-mail.

    Continued proposal application:

    Please choose the proposal number that you wish to submit continued proposal application and then either click <User Define> or <Copy Proposal> to start continued proposal application process.

    The <Copy Proposal> function allows you to copy the "Project member", the "Materials to be used", and the "Equipment to be used" sections from the proposal that you have selected to the current proposal application. After the copy proposal process is finished, you can make modifications as needed.

    If there is any uncompleted proposal for the cycle, please click <Proposal> <Proposal Edit> in Maintenance column to complete the application so that new application or continued application can be submitted. In case you wish to edit the content of the proposal that you have submitted but has not been reviewed by User Administration & Promotion Office, please follow the procedure mentioned above to perform the modification process.

    [Affiliation] Currently, our users come from many domestic and international organizations, we recommend that you click the <Search> link

    Beamtime Fee :
    Currently, online proposal applications are accepted. If research results can be opened to the public, the proposals are classified as "Public proposals". "Paid proposals" shall be specified by additionally signed contract.

    Application Deadline and Beamtime Type :
    There are 3 cycles a year and 4 months a cycle. The application deadline and beamtime period of each cycle are as follows:

    *Application deadline
    September 30
    Janurary to April
    January 31
    May to August
    May 31
    September to December

    *The deadline is postponed to the next working day in case of a holiday.

    Outside users shall apply for beamtime by the application deadline (thrice a year, January, May, and September) and the time approved by Proposal Evaluation Committee is called PEC time. In January, users apply for the 1st cycle beamtime; in May, users apply for the 2nd cycle beamtime; in September, users apply for the 3rd cycle beamtime. Open shifts application during non-PEC beamtime is not restricted to the application periods. Please submit the application to beamline spokesperson at any time.

    Proposal Review : At the first time application of each proposal, it will be reviewed by the Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC). Beamtime will be allocated by the spokespersons.

    Proposal Review Result : Log in to User Portal Website, choose <Proposal> <Proposal Edit> in the Maintenance column.

    Beamtime Schedule : Log in to User Portal Website and click <Experiment>< ExpSafety>,

    the system will display all beamtime schedule for TLS beamlines from the current day.

    New User Application :
    Log in to User Portal Website to and click <Register> to register as user.

    to search for your organization in our database. If you still cannot find your organization, please click <Add Organization> link

    to add a new organization. Our organization database contains two levels, the first level is University/Organization, the second level is Department/Institute. For example: University/Organization: NSRRC; Deparment/Institute: NSRRC User Administration & Promotion Office (For verification purpose, please reenter your University/Organization name in front of Department/Institute name).

    New P.I. needs to pass the safety training before the experiment. In case the P.I. cannot complete the safety training by the specified period, he/she can assign an experiment investigator by completing and returing the original Experiment Investigator Authorization Form to User Administration & Promotion Office (NOTE: The experiment investigator must pass the safety training and holds valid user card).


    Experimental Safety | Safety Training | User Card | Subvention | Accommodation

    Experimental Safety :

    Log in to User Portal Website and click <Experiment> <ExpSafety>.

    Please click icon to copy the experimental safety approval form. Default is set to copy steps 1 - 4, if you need to cancel the copy process for any step, please click that item.

    Please click the numbers at the bottom of "Edit experimental safety approval form" to edit each step.
    Step : Experimental data.

    Step : Member.

    Step : Materials.

    Step : Equipments.

    Step : Safety concerns and precautions.

    If you need to delete information for each step, please click icon. A confirmation window will pop up and please choose yes to clear all information on the form. After completion of the form, please click <Finish> at the bottom and the system will automatically verify that all required columns have been completed.

    When the form has been approved online by the beamline management personnel and the radiation safety officer, the user can print out the approved form and place it on the beamline?謒?bulletin board on the day of the experiment.

    Print: Please click the icon in the View column, then click the printer icon to print out the form.

    Safety Training :

    Please click <Safety Training>.

    If you are an user, please click <Please click here to search for safety training record.>

    to search for your test records and please also confirm your user card's expiration date that is printed at the bottom right hand corner on your user card.

    If you are a new user or if your user card has expired, please click <Please click here to take safety training>and choose <User Safety Training>to complete safety training.

    To take online safety training, please follow the steps below and choose the related webpage links.

    Online safety training consists of the following steps:

    Web based multimedia for safety training :
    A 1 hour training course containing safety related information is presented.
    (Recommended resolution: 1024 X 768)

    The safety test consists of 10 multiple choice type questions: You need at least 7 correct answers to be qualified.
    (Note : You are recommended to review the web based multimedia in detail before taking the examination.)

    Training course format: FLASH.
    (Note : Please ensure that your computer has FLASH player installed on it. If not, please click here to download and install the FLASH player.)

    Safety training website in Chinese
    Safety training website in English

    Safety training test process:

    Step1: When you click "User Safety Training" button on the Safety Training System, the video should start automatically (about 1 hour), if not, please refresh the webpage. After the video ends, you will be directed to the safety examination page.

    If you wish to take the safety examination directly, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Start Examination" button located on the left hand side of the webpage (please refer to the screen display below).

    Step 2: After the safety training video is over, please follow the instructions shown on the screen to start safety examination process (please refer to the screen display below).

    If you have never registered as NSRRC user, please choose "NEW User" option; if you already have NSRRC user account, please choose "FORMER User" option.

    After you have answered all questions, please click "Submit" button to complete the safety examination process.

    Step 3: After submission of your answers, the system will display the following screen, please provide the required information and then click "Confirm" button to check your test result.

    New user screen display: Applicant who has chosen "NEW User" option in Step 2

    (Attention: The system will generate an automatic test result e-mail message to be sent to your mailbox and also the mailbox of User Administration & Promotion Office, so please kindly make sure you provide the correct e-mail address.)

    Current user screen display: Applicant who has chosen "FORMER User" option in Step 2

    Pass safety examination (please refer to the screen display below):

    (Please click "Next" button to continue with the application process.)

    Fail safety examination (please refer to the screen display below):

    Please either close the browser or click "Back to Material Page" button to see the training course video again or retake the safety examination.)

    Step 4: After you have passed the safety examination, the system will display your test result (please refer to the screen display below). In order to avoid internet connection failure during test data transmission, please print out a copy of this page for record keeping purpose, then click "Next" button to continue with the user card application process.

    (Attention: If internet connection failure does occur, please fax your test result page to +886-3-579-0572 or e-mail to so we can enter your test record for you).

    User card application process:

    Step 1: After you have passed the safety examination, the system will connect to the User Portal Website, please read the safety agreement and then choose related options (please refer to the screen display below).

    Step 2:

    If you are a new user and have not yet completed user registration, the system will display the following webpage, please fill in required information and go to next step.

    (Attention: User can choose his/her personal log in account so please enter your personal log in ID in the column. You can check if the account ID has been registered by other users or not by clicking "Check account exists" button after entering the account ID).

    If you already have NSRRC user account or if you are existing user, the system will display the following webpage, please update your user information if necessary and then go to next step.

    Step 3: Please provide the period that you plan to use the dosimeter and then go to next step.

    Dosimeter pick up information:

    Currently, general users should visit User Administration & Promotion Office (T203, TPS building) to pick up the dosimeter (If picking up during non-office hours, please contact User Administration & Promotion Office (+886-3-578-0281 #8206; E-mail: beforehand so the dosimeter can be left at the main gate for pick up).

    After the experiment is completed, please return the dosimeter to User Administration & Promotion Office (T203) or drop it in the dosimeter recycle box located by the storage ring beside the entrance or by User Administration & Promotion Office door before departure.

    If the experiment is scheduled at the end of one month and continue to the next month, please inform User Administration & Promotion Office beforehand so two dosimeters will be provided (please return one of the dosimeter at the end of the month and use the other dosimeter for the new month).

    For users who are staying at NSRRC for an extended period, please complete and return "Form U22e Dosimeter Box Application Form" to Mr. Fu-Dong Chang (+886-3-578-0281 #3341; E-mail: to apply for a dosimeter box located at the storage ring side entrance (user can pick up and return the dosimeter to the assigned dosimeter box).

    Step 4: Please upload passport size photo in order to issue your user card.

    If you do not have electronic photo file at this moment, please log in to your user account and upload the photo later (please refer to the screen display below).

    If you do not have electronic photo file, please submit a paper photo to User Administration & Promotion Office (+886-3-578-0281 ext.8206; E-mail: and we will scan and upload the photo file for you.

    Step 5: Please provide your principal investigator's name so we can send him/her an e-mail notice to add you as the project member.

    Step 6: Please review your user information; if correct, please click "Finish" button to complete user registration and user card application process.

    User Card :

    Log in to User Portal Website and click <Users> <Self Info.> <User Card>.

    In this sample, the user has passed the safety test and completed user information. However, the user has not yet uploaded the photo and notified the P.I. to add her as project member.

    Add project member: Principal investigator needs to log in to User Portal Website, click <Schedule> <ExpSafety> and experiments to be performed in the future will be displayed.

    If an experiment is completed, you will not be able to add new member. Another option is, if you are submitting a proposal application at the moment, you can also contact User Administration & Promotion Office in order to add new member to the proposal. At Step Member,

    please click <Add>,

    enter the experiment member's name in the column, and click <Add> to add new member. If you cannot add that person, please click <Query>,

    enter part of the member's name to search for similar names in our database. If you still cannot find this person, it means that this person has not yet registered as NSRRC user. Please ask that person to take the safety training.

    Subvention (For domestic users only) :

    If your status is post-doc researcher/research assistant/student who registers at a university/member of domestic affiliation who participates in projects of overseas principal investigator/winner of ??scholarship related to synchrotron radiation research ??including doctor candidate and program students), and that your P.I. has added you to "Experimental Safety Approval Form", please log in to User Portal Website and click <Subvention>. The system will display the experiments that you will be participating.

    Apply subvention for the first time (Provide your financial institution's account) : Please click icon to fill in your financial institution's account.

    If you do not know the bank/branch code, please click [Query] to search. After completion, please verify that all information is correct. If everything is OK, please click <Modify>.

    Subvention application:

    The default is set for meals/accommodation/transportation subvention (max. of 4 applicants per day). Subvention for meal and miscellaneous expense is NT$200/day. Subvention for accommodation charge is NT$300/day per applicant whose affiliation is not in Hsinchu if the original invoice/receipt for accommodation is provided. The applicant is offered the fare of round trip Tze Chiang train ticket. If everything is correct, please click <Send>. The system provides <Maintenance> functions, inlcuding View, Edit, Withdraw , and Print. Please click icon to print out <User Subvention Form>

    (Please use brand new A4 size paper to print out the form). During experiment period, hand the form to <P.I.> or <Experiment Investigator> and <Beamline Spokesperson> or <Beamline Manager> for signature (Personal signature is required and seal is not allowed) and date of signature. Afterwards, please submit the original form to User Administration & Promotion Office within 30 days after the ending date of the experiment or before the submission deadline shown on the <User Subvention Form>).

    During experiment period:

    1. Everyday, the applicant should use his/her user card to access the storage ring's entrance (for access recording purpose) and sign in at the side entrance of the storage ring , near the elevator.
    2. Meals subvention is approved based on the sign in sheet.
    3. Sign in for others is not permitted.

    Every two weeks, subvention is approved and transferred to the applicant's account. The system provides subvention application status: All, Available for application, Applied, Approved, Submitted, Transferred. Click the Subvention Application Status can check the status of your applications.

    Accommodation (Location Map):

    Log in User Portal Website, click <Guest House Reservation> to make online guesthouse reservation.

    Please use Microsoft IE browser (Please click here to download IE browser) to make online reservation. In case there is any internet connection problem or when you cannot make online reservation, please download, fill out, and return U17e NSRRC Guest House Application Formto User Administration & Promotion Office at +886-3-579-0572 or write to

    Room Rate:

    1. User discount rate: TWD 450 or 550/person/day for 1 double occupant room (share a room with another user) when safety training/user card renewal and guesthouse reservation are completed in advance. Please be aware that cancellation needs to be done at least 1 day in advance. To cancel your reservation, please fill out the Guesthouse Cancellation Form.
    2. General rate: When safety training/user card renewal are not completed in advance, 1 double occupant room for TWD 450 or 550/person/day (sharing a room with another user), and 1 single occupant room for TWD 900 or 1100. Please be aware that cancellation needs to be done 1 day in advance. To cancel your reservation, please fill out the Guesthouse Cancellation Form.

    Payment Methode:

    Cash, internet transfers, ATM transfer, wire transfer and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards except China UnionPay) are valid payment methods.

    1. Over-the-counter payment: Please finish the payment at the guesthouse reception desk at Activity Center during office hours, Mon.-Sun. 07:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.
    2. Wire or ATM Transfer (within Taiwan): Please fax the transfer receipt with applicant's name written on it to +886-3-578-3803.
    3. Bank/Account: Bank of Taiwan, Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Branch (Bank Code: 004).
      Account Number: 073-001-106939.
      Account Name: National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
    4. Credit Card: Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form from the NSRRC website. After signing the form, fax it to +886-3-578-3803. If applying refund due to personal factors, 2 to 3.8% service fee will be deducted and the rest of the guesthouse charge will be refunded.

    Check in / out: Please check in after 2 p.m. and check out before 11 a.m.

    Attention: During office hours, please pick up your room key / invoice at the guesthouse reception desk located on the first floor of Activity Center; After 23:00, please pick up the room cards at the security guard room on Park Ave. 3. When checking out, please return your room key back to the reception desk.

    1. Reception desk opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00
    2. Check-in begins from 14:00 to 23:00. Check-out time is before 11:00 to enable the room to be prepared in time for new arrivals.
    3. Reception desk will provide users with room card service, official receipt service and general information about the guesthouse.
    4. Users can make a reservation through the guesthouse reservation system online.
    5. No check in will be made after 23:00. Please be sure to make the reservation in advance before the arrival.
    6. For further information regarding the guesthouse, please contact us at extension 4130.

    For more detailed information about NSRRC guesthouse, please refer to Reservation Information or Lodging Policy.

    During experiment

    Control Room | Public User Offices | Bicycle & Protection Gears

    Control Room:

    If users encounter any problems during experiments, please contact Control Room staff (ext.3141) immediately so that the problems can be solved as soon as possible to minimize the impact on user experiments.

    Public User Offices:

    Public user offices (inside storage ring) are available for users to use during experiment period:

    1. E361 (For general user): The room is consisted of four desks and chairs for four persons (Seat number is shown on the desk's top right corner). Prior to utilization, please fully complete each column of the U8c Sign-Up Sheet for Office Space.
    2. E362 / E364 (For short-term visiting professors, scholars, and Project Investigators): One office is allocated to one person and those who have beamtime will be given higher priority in room allocation. If required, please register by filling out the U7c Sign-Up Sheet for Office Space (for short-term visiting professors, scholars, and Project investigators) and pick up office keys at User Administration & Promotion Office (Room T203).

    Bicycle & Protection Gears:

    Users staying at NSRRC guesthouse can borrow bicycles and protection gears at the security guard room. For detailed information, please contact the security guards at extension 3333.


    Submit Beamline Operation and User Service related Survey | Submit Annual Experiment Report documents | Users' Meeting Participation

    Submit Beamline Operation and User Service related Survey:

    In order to provide better user experiment/service quality and to encourage interaction between users and NSRRC personnel, user system will automatically send out survey notice after the experiment has ended. The principal investigator or the experiment member is urged to submit the online survey by clicking the link included in the notice (log in to user account is required) or by logging in to the user account, click "Schedule" - "Questionary", and choose the correct experiment period to fill out the survey. If additional comments to the original survey are needed, please enter the survey system according to the above instruction, enter and send out the additional comments at the bottom of the webpage (Please note that the comments from NSRRC personnel can also be viewed here).

    Submit Annual Experiment Report Documents:

    It is the users' responsibility to submit annual research results to User Administration and Promotion Office. In order to compile each year's research results, users should provide the following four types of data to NSRRC via online submission. Item 1 ~ 3 should be updated whenever there is any progress. For Item 4, please submit annual experiment report (maximum of 2 pages) for each proposal that has been granted beamtime during last year to User Administration and Promotion Office.

    1. Publication lists (including accepted, in-press, published, and conference papers) relevant to NSRRC.
    2. Student dissertation list (current and graduated students whose dissertations are related to NSRRC).
    3. Patent relevant to NSRRC.
    4. 2 pages of Annual Experiment Report Form Word/PDF. Sample Word/PDF.

    System path:

    • For item 1 ~ 3, log in at Click "Research Result Submission" at the upper right corner > Publication List/Student Dissertation List/Patent to add new data or update submitted data.
    • For item 4, log in at Click "Research Result Submission"at the upper right corner > Annual Experiment Report > As project investigator/As project member" to upload the Annual Experiment Report. If you would like to renew or refer to the submitted report, please click [ Report Submitted ]

    For detailed information on the submission of each type of research results, please click.

    Users' Meeting Participation:

    NSRRC, together with UEC, hold Users' Meeting during the shutdown period in the second half of every year. NSRRC's UEC member (not research group leader) serves as the meeting organizing committee's chairman. The meeting's objective is to promote synchrotron radiation research, encourage intercommunication between scientific researchers, and improve synchrotron radiation research level. The meeting consists of lectures by domestic and foreign speakers, NSRRC's current status, user oral report, poster session, student poster contest and young scientist oral presentation. Anyone who is interested in synchrotron radiation research is welcome to attend the Users' Meeting.

    Users' Meeting & Workshops' speakers lists

    Users' Town Meeting minutes (Chinese verion only)

    Users' Meeting & Workshops student poster awards lists

    Users' Meeting & Workshops Photo Album

    Revised on March 23, 2015


    User Administration & Promotion Office, NSRRC
    101 Hsin-Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 30076, Taiwan. Tel: +886-3-578-0281 ext: 8205/8206/8207/8208/8209/8210 Fax: +886-3-579-0572
    If you have any suggestions or comments, please email