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  • Log in problems
  • New user registration problem
  • Change account and password process
  • Proposal application related questions
  • How to add new proposal member
  • Log in problems:


    Account: Case sensitive; when enter incorrect account, the system will show an error message. Please make necessary changes and try again. If you still cannot log in, please use "Lost Password" service.

    Forget password: Please click "Lost Password" located in the area with yellow background in the middle of the "Home" page.

    When you request for "Lost Password" service, your password will be reset by the system after clicking "Inquiry" and the new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

    New user registration problem:

    User can choose his/her account (log in ID) and password. Please enter the account and password that you prefer. If you would like to check if the account has been used, please enter your account in the column and click the "Check accounts exists" button located on the right.

    Change account and password process:

    Log in to User Portal Website and click "Self Info." link.

    Choose "Account and Password" page.

    Change account: Enter new account and click "Save". The system will show "Account modification completed".

    Change password: Enter new password and click "Save". The system will show "Change password success".

    Proposal application related questions:


  • New proposal: Please complete information for Step 8 of proposal application.
  • Continued proposal: Please upload the results of your last experiment or choose from the options shown on the screen.
  • Proposal shifts requested

  • Total shifts: This is the total shifts that you would like to request for the entire lifetime of a proposal (Basically, the lifetime of a proposal is 2 years).
  • Desired/Minimum shifts requested: This means the desired/minimum shifts that you would like to request for the particular cycle.
  • Attention: If the total shifts approved by the Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) has been used up or if the remaining total shifts are less than the desired/minimum shifts requested for the cycle, please submit a new proposal application.

    How to add new proposal member:


    Log in to User Portal Website and click <Experiment><ExpSafety> (screen display).

    In order to add new proposal member, please click number -Members (screen display ).

    Attention: When adding new member, the system default is set to add the new member as the experiment member for the particular experiment. If you are only adding new member for user card application purpose, please unclick the check mark to avoid the user being calculated for experimental runs.



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