User Executive Committee

Charter of the NSRRC Users' Executive Committee Organization

 Revised by UEC on Apr. 15, 2010
(Approved by 2010 Users' Town Meeting)

Article 1

To ensure user's convenience in using the facility and for the protection of user's right, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (hence forth called the NSRRC) has established the "Users' Executive Committee", hence forth called the "Committee".

Article 2

The Committee shall include the following members:

  1. Elected Committee Members: Six (6) P.I.s (including guaranteed nomination of a principal investigator in bio-medical field) and two (2) student users (inclusive of the doctorate candidates and postdoctoral researchers who have used the beamlines of the NSRRC within the past two years) shall be elected to the Committee. The term will be for two years and half of the members shall be re-elected annually. The vice chairperson will be elected from the newly elected committee members and after one year of service, the vice chairperson shall take up the post of the chairperson.
  2. In case the elected committee members have any special reason that cannot fulfill the duty, the Committee shall elect the replacement from the P.I., doctorate candidates and post doctorate researchers to continue and complete the term.
  3. Members of the NSRRC participating the Committee shall be limited to a maximum of two (2). The Research Team Section Head shall be ex official member. The term of NSRRC elected member will be for one year.

Article 3

The members of the Committee shall elect among themselves one (1) Chairman and one (1) Vice-Chairman (not including the student users and committee members of the NSRRC).

Article 4

The mission of the Committee shall be as shown below:

  1. Be responsible for the coordination of routine affairs between users and the NSRRC to reflect user's needs.
  2. Hold users' meeting with the NSRRC.
  3. Assist in pushing for synchrotron radiation related researches.
  4. Discuss all users' related propositions.

Article 5

The Committee shall hold three meetings annually in principle.

Article 6

The Committee meeting shall have at least half of the members' attendance to be considered effective; each motion shall be considered valid if half of the members agree with the motion.

Article 7

The procedure of electing committee members shall be as shown below:

  1. The P.I. of the committee shall be elected from the P.I. (including co-P.I.) who have used beamlines of the NSRRC and elected in the annual users' meeting. The ballot shall be mailed from the Committee through mail. The three members with the most votes shall be considered elected. The current committee members shall recommend the list of electorates by considering a balance of their area of researches and with the agreement of the electorates before filling into the ballot by the NSRRC committee members.
  2. The candidates of student members shall be recommended by their advisors to the committee and the committee shall prepare the list and mail to the members. The student members with the most votes shall be considered elected. However, two members with the most votes in the first term shall be elected.

Article 8

The modification of this charter shall be initiated by the P.I. as and when there is need and agreed by at least half of the committee members and proposed in the annual users' meeting with agreement of at least two-thirds of the members before being considered effective.

Article 9

This charter has been discussed and passed in this committee meeting and sent to the annual users' meeting for approval before execution. Modification shall follow the same procedure.

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